ALTRA ltd is specialized cool house, distributing and packing centre.

The company is founded in 1990 as a successor of a small family business established in 1934 and started with trading, storing, preparing and processing fruits and vegetables. Since than, ALTRA is progressing in this field and managed to produce and provide services and products with high quality. Trough years the company become very important part of agricultural manufacturing and distribution of fresh and frozen products.

ALTRA is operating with one of the biggest cool house in the region 8000 square meters space for storing: - 4000 m² space is for storing at 18°C (freezing) or storing at 0°C (chill); - 2000 m² space only for chill storing (0°C); - 2000 m² space for ambient storing (without temperature controlling system).

That fact aloud us to store at the same time over 6000 tones of various products.
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